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Gcell Cultivo 3D is a Research & Development company in the area of ​​Hard Science, with innovative technologies at an international level and belonging to industry 4.0. The development of these takes place in line with the demand of the target industries, being the first Brazilian company with this proposed business model, connecting innovative scientific ideas and their implementation together with the technological demand of the industry. We operate in a niche that has not yet been explored in Brazil and has great potential to positively affect the medical device (prosthetic) and pharmaceutical sectors.

In recent years, ANVISA has published resolutions of the collegiate board, regulating for the medical area the use of products from different technologies based on the use of cells, including those developed by Gcell. Related to the pharmaceutical area, the FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are discussing the use of these technologies for the development and testing of medicines, as has already happened in the cosmetic industry, which has abolished the use of animal models.

We work at Gcell with technologies that are sustainable to the environment, as they promote the reduction and/or replacement of the use of animals in experimentation, the reduction of the use of medicines and the replacement of the use of prostheses. These are technologies that are more assertive than those already available on the commerce, with a positive impact on the population's quality of life.


Cell therapy and regenerative medicine

3D cell culture and

Spheroids for biomarker discovery and drug testing


More complex
tumor models

Healthy tissue models
from stem cells

Protocols for
drug testing

Protocols for
hepatotoxicity testing

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